In celebration of the recent World Earth Day people across the globe were encouraged to be more mindful about the impact we all have on the planet.

But doing our bit for Mother Earth is a process and not an event as this article explains.

In our own homes in Bridgwater , we can continue to do things to help the Earth.  Here are some ideas.

OK, so this is how it goes.  Two Alaskan fishermen go out onto a frozen lake with their brand new 4X4 utility vehicle.  In order to reach the water below and be able to ‘fish’, they first need to break the ice, and create an opening in the surface of the lake.  In order to do this, due to the thickness of the ice, their normal practice is to create an explosion.  Therefore, to bring about this explosion they light a stick of dynamite and throw it as far as they can.  At this point I should mention that one of fishermen has brought along his dog. Hmmm! You may now be two steps ahead of me, but for those of you who are not, I will continue with the account!

So, here’s the thing - you know the day’s not going to turn out well when you get tooth paste on your tie and snap your shoe lace before you’ve even left the house!  I’ve got an 8.30am appointment to carry out a property appraisal on a house on the west side of Bridgwater.  Great side of town, the west side – I need to make a good impression and to get on the front foot.  I’ve prepared my valuation evidence, collated a body of comparable properties, and my ‘presenter’ is laden with slick company brochures and example sales particulars.  I’m on top of my game and we’re ahead of our competition by a country mile again this month.  This guy would be ‘nuts’ not to choose me to sell his house – what could possibly go wrong?!

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