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It’s simple! Complete your search preferences to find a home that matches your requirements.

Once you have registered your requirements, we will contact you when a suitable property becomes available. Our state of the art technology also updates our website every hour and also posts to and

Our particulars include several photographs, floorplans and room sizes to help you with your search. Our lettings team will conduct viewings at properties you choose to view and should you wish to proceed, will process your application.


  1. We require an administration fee of £220 inclusive of VAT for each tenant and guarantor (if applicable). For example; when two tenants apply for one property the fee applicable would be £440 inclusive of vat. Administration fees need to be paid before referencing can commence.
  2. For your application to be successful we require proof of residency, ie a recent utility bill in your name, proof of identity, ie a passport or driving licence. We also require copies of 6 months bank statements for each adult and successful references.
  3. Once your referencing has been successful we will offer you a tenancy which is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy for an agreed initial period. Both landlord and tenant are expected to adhere to the terms of this agreement without exception. Sample copies are available upon request.
  4. On commencement of your tenancy you are required to pay a deposit of one month’s rent plus £100 and the commencement rent due. This is to be in cleared funds. The deposit is subject to a minimum fee of £500 plus £100.

We hope you enjoy your property search and have a long and happy tenancy with us.

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